When sourcing global manufacturers or products it can be difficult to evaluate manufacturing sites.
This is technical evaluation process to identify right factory for right product, this services will validate supplier's capabilities, systems, management, and operating procedures. Factory Evaluation services will provide you with the peace of mind that you are protecting your brand and reputation.
We experience auditors offer their professional expertise and impartial status to ensure that you are not sacrificing the quality and integrity of your product.

    Below mentioned areas should be cover under Factory Evaluation.

  • Hazard and Risk Management
  • Quality System
  • Purchasing
  • Design Control
  • Incoming Goods & Materials (including Packaging)
  • Traceability
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Manufacturing Process Inspection
  • Final Inspection, Packing & Storage
  • Process monitoring and inspection equipment
  • Training, Personnel and Internal Quality Audit
  • Housekeeping & Hygiene
  • Waste and Waste Disposal
  • Customer Complaints Corrective / Preventative Actions
  • Product Recall
  • Product Safety

    Benefits of Factory Evaluation

  • It can reduce supply chain costs and improve the quality and timeliness of the delivery
  • Improved quality and reliability of products.
  • Reduce product recall.
  • Ensure Product Safety